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- Return Policy -

If you are not happy with the product received, please take a picture and upload it to our Customer Support Form WITHIN 3 DAYS upon you receive the order. This will help us to understand and resolve your problem quickly.


We will provide you a replacement if the detect or issue is due to our fault such as wrong order delivery or production damages.

Note that we will not able to issue you a replacement under the following conditions:

  • If you claim the defect after 3 days of receiving your order .

  • If the defect is not caused by us, such as the typo error, low images resolution, original image too bright or too dark, wrong order quantity, etc.

  •  Minor differences in color or print scale: The final product will vary slightly due to the nature of printing on different type of material.

Delayed / Late orders

Sometimes, we run into unforeseen delays that may be inconvenient for you. We try to help customers work with deadlines. Still, we do not issue refunds for items received or shipped past the estimated ship dates or your project deadlines. 


If your project requires a deadline, please be sure to provide dates and related information in the instructions area of your order. If we delay your order, we try to send an email notification giving the option to cancel before printing/shipping occurs.


We do not accept returns since all merchandise and prints are customized. 

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