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Gift Tag / Wedding Tag

Create a tag for your product, event or anything else.

Square Wedding Tag mockup_edited.jpg
Square Gift Tag 

Create personalised gift Tag  for wedding, birthday, event or any occasion.

Circle Wedding tag_edited_edited.png
Circle Gift Tag

Create personalised gift Tag  for wedding, birthday, event or any occasion.

Rectangle Wedding Tag mockup.jpg
Custom Shape Gift Tag

Create personalised gift Tag  for wedding, birthday, event or any occasion.

More information

Add the perfect finishing touch to all of your wedding gifts with these chic and customizable gift tags. Printed on luxe paper, these unique gift tags arrive with a pre-punched hole, ready for your ribbon, baker's twine or decorative string.

wedding tag one thick stack .jpg

One design per set

Square Wedding Tag mockup.jpg

Tag with hole

Starting from 50 pcs per set. Each set consist of Single design.

Choose the hole position from 3 options : left , right or center.

Gift Tag / Label Tag

A gift tag, also known as a label tag, is a small piece of material (often paper or cardstock) that is attached to a gift to convey a message, provide information, or add a decorative element. These tags are commonly used for various occasions, including birthdays, weddings, holidays, and other gift-giving events.


Key characteristics of gift tags or label tags include:


Size and Shape: Gift tags are typically small in size and come in various shapes, such as rectangular, square, round, or custom shapes. The size allows them to be conveniently attached to gifts without overshadowing the item.

Personalization: Gift tags are often personalized with messages, greetings, or the names of the gift giver and recipient. They may also include space for writing a personal note.

Design and Decoration: Gift tags can be creatively designed with various colors, patterns, and graphics to match the theme of the occasion or the gift wrapping. They add a decorative and festive touch to the overall presentation.

Attachment Method: Gift tags are usually attached to gifts using methods like string, ribbon, adhesive, or other fastening options. This allows them to hang from the gift or be securely affixed to the wrapping.

Functionality: In addition to conveying a personal message, gift tags may include practical information such as "To" and "From" fields to specify the giver and recipient of the gift. Some tags also include space for writing a brief note.

Versatility: Gift tags are versatile and can be used for various types of gifts, including presents, party favors, or even homemade items. They are also popular for use in crafts and DIY projects.

Gift tags serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose. They add a personal touch to gifts, making them more thoughtful and visually appealing. Additionally, gift tags can help in organizing gifts in situations where multiple items are being exchanged, such as during a party or event.

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