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Circle Shape Cards

Introducing Circle Shape Card Printing: Break free from convention and make your mark with our unique circular cards. With their unconventional shape, circle cards instantly pique curiosity and set you apart from the competition. Perfect for businesses seeking to make a memorable impression, circle cards offer a fresh canvas for creative design and branding. From promoting events to networking with flair, our high-quality printing ensures your message shines on every curve. 

Circle Shape Wedding invitation card mockup.jpg
Circle Shape Card

About Circle Shape Card

Give your square card a professional finish. Fill out what is the square card upgrade options and features available. 


Options to add Matte Lamination

The lamination layer will enhance the perceived value, durability, and quality of your name cards. Get your desired results with a matte effect.

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Card upgrade options

Upgrading from 260gsm art card to 310gsm art card provides enhanced durability, a more professional appearance, and improved print quality. The heavier cardstock is less prone to wear and tear, making it suitable for high-quality printed materials, and it conveys a greater perceived value to leave a lasting impression on recipients. 

various sizes  of square wedding invitation  card mockup_edited.jpg

Starting from 60mm

Starting from 60mm to 100mm, choose the most best size suits your needs

Circle Shape Card

Circle shape cards are a bold departure from traditional rectangular designs, offering a distinctive and memorable way to showcase your brand. With their sleek curves and modern aesthetic, circle cards capture attention and stand out in any stack. Ideal for businesses and individuals looking to make a statement, circle cards provide a unique canvas for creative expression and impactful branding. Elevate your networking game and leave a lasting impression with the unconventional charm of circle shape cards.

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